Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IT'S WEDNESDAY!! Yes, I am excited. I love that I can get to a Wednesday and know that I am on the downhill slide for the week. I only have 1.5 days of work after a Wednesday. And then I have a WEEKEND!!!

This Wednesday marks my 43rd day left of work. It's true, I have a countdown going. In essence, it is a countdown to the baby and not just days of work that I supposedly have left, but Justin is offended that I have counted down the days of work left and not actual days to the due date. Hello, that's what the baby in the floating bubble is for! He obviously doesn't read my blog. :)

I was also reminded last night by my other preggo friend Chellie who is a week ahead of me that this also marks single digit week countdown until this baby comes. I feel hyper-mode coming on.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Common Sense No More

I am losing my common sense. I don't know if it's a "pregnancy" thing or just a "me" thing, but it's gone.

Yesterday, I went to my parents house to feed the cat and get their mail and for some reason, I locked my keys in my car. Now, I have this key hidden somewhere in my purse that helps me out of such situations like that...but my purse was in my car. Luckily, Justin was able to come unlock my car and I got to enjoy a few moments of HGtv...but, not one of my finest moves.

The other day, I actually got out a calculator to divide 1000 by 200. Yep, got the same answer I should have in middle school. 5.

So either this baby is going to be really smart because it has taken what brains I do have...or we are both going to have to work realllly hard at learning not to be a dork.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


On Wednesdays, we go to the Psalms class that is being taught by Todd Wright, Kent Allen, John deSteigeur & Mark Taylor. I am really enjoying this class. It was very interesting to me this past week when we talked about "Inattention." There are lots of things that capture my attention, but sometimes I really need to stop and think - are those really as important as spending time with God or even my spouse? I really have a struggle with this, especially lately. I am so consumed with being busy - spending time with friends, doing stuff around the house, shopping for various things, church things, working, sleeping when possible and getting prepared for a huge life changing event like having a baby. I just need to stop and slow down.

So in my attempt to slow down, my resolutions to try towork on are the following:

1. Turn off the radio in the car and spend that time talking to God and just being...still. No extra noise needed.
2. Spend more time at home. Whether this means having friends over or just being there by myself or with Justin, that's just what I need.
3. Attempt to read my Bible more. This was proposed by Todd Wright in the first class and I have yet to follow through with this, but it's something I really need to work on.

Life is flying by - I want to stop and enjoy it for awhile :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cleaned, Fixed & Ready to Go

Today was a busy day at our house - mostly from 12-1:15 pm! We decided to go ahead and schedule a carpet cleaning since 1) we have a cat and 2) it will be good for our carpet warranty. What I didn't expect is the guys to show up and one have a blonde curly-cue mustache! It was hilarious and kind of reminded me of Captain Hook. I barely could stop staring at it and he probably thought I had a eye contact problem. I need to work on that.

We also had a guy come to fix our freezer and he was a bit awkward...oh my, it was just one awkward thing after another. (Sorry to use awkward twice, it's been a long week).

All that to say is our home is now sparkling clean (well, carpet wise) and our freezer supposedly works and should make ice now. Hurrah!

No more playing around for me though. Since I've been Grumpy Gus this entire week, I need a serious nap.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Same Shirt, Bigger Belly

12ish weeks
29 weeks

I can finally see a belly! :) Lots of people have started to actually notice that I am pregnant, which is funny to me. Anyway, things are going great. I got checked out today for a potential blood clot in my right leg, but they said they didn't find anything - which is awesome. I'll get the official results tomorrow, but I am relieved. I can't believe that the countdown is actually getting smaller - ha! It's flying by now.
Haylie is super active and she loves trying to come out my right side under my ribs. She is going to be really good at stretching. We are almost through with the nursery, my mom has a few sewing things left and I have a few wall decorations to put up, but it's mostly all set! Wow, is this really happening?!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So who else knew that southbound Broadway Extension was closed today? After my dentist appointment, I was planning to be at work in 15 minutes. An HOUR later, I finally make it. There goes more of my sick time...

This morning Caramel came and walked up my ribs. Then she proceeded to sit on my pillow and pretty much take over. No wonder sleep is getting harder to get. :)

I have started to have some swelling problems. But just in one ankle.

My doctor has asked me if I wanted to get a flu shot. I normally don't get these period, but I'm wondering if this time I should. I don't know what to think.

I am in love with the new season of the Biggest Loser. I love that show.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Frank Lloyd Wright's home

Orange Table group shot

From the hike

Arizona Cactus

Baseball game

Right after the camera broke and I was wiping the tears from laughing while trying to take a picture

Highlights of Scottsdale:
1. Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's "winter" home
2. Scenic drive through the Apache Trail
3. 3.5 mile hike to watch a sunrise [I witnessed this through pictures!]
4. [Cooked for me] Sushi dinner
5. Shops of downtown Scottsdale
6. The Good Egg
7. Orange Table Cafe [w/ superb waiter Mikey]
8. Relaxing by the pool
9. Watching Kanye act a fool at the VMA's
10. The 'Burb [complete with GPS "Karen"]
11. Arizona Diamondbacks major league baseball game
12. Spending time with good friends

Lowlights of Scottsdale:
1. Total of 3 hours of delays on the way down there (while sitting on the plane!! Yuck)
3. Random swollen ankle/hands
4. "Dirt" water
5. Arizona Diamondbacks major league game
6. Lovetts getting flat tire on the way home
Highlights definitely outweigh the lows. Yep, that was a GOOD trip.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Glucose Schmooclose

Had my glucose test yesterday - it really wasn't that bad! I thought it was going to be horrible, but it was just a thick orange flat Sprite. I could do it again...but hope I don't have to! I didn't hear anything back from my dr, but they typically don't call unless there is bad news. So, yay!

I scheduled the REST of my appointments yesterday. Time is flying by. At the beginning of pregnancy, it seemed to go SOOO slow. Now that I've hit the 3rd trimester mark, I think it's going to be a whirlwind.

Haylie kicked the doppler off yesterday, twice. The nurse kept calling her "Sassy Pants". I think that will probably fit pretty nicely if you take a look at her parents :) But her heartrate was 160 so she is doing great! I like hearing good reports.

So far I have gained...19 lbs! Between these last two visits I have packed it on!

We are off today for Arizona! Seeya in a few days.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Titles for This

I am going for the awesome glucose test tomorrow. Here's hoping I pass with flying colors!

What do you say when someone says "Man, you look tired." ? Is that their way of sympathizing with you? What if you aren't tired, you feel great and you had no idea that basically you looked like crap? On Air1 the other day they were talking about different sorts of backhanded compliments and they threw this one in there. Not sure it fits in the category. But that same day, someone told me how tired I looked. I couldn't come up with anything, so I just said it takes a lot of energy to grow a child. Not sure what else to say!

This weekend we are going to Arizona with the Hutchisons and Lovetts! I am so excited to get out of town with some good friends. This might be the last hurrah before baby time!

If you are going to be in town this weekend, you are invited to a baby shower for Julie Woodard. She is fairly new to the class, so it would be fantastic if there were lots of people there to support her and baby Grayson. It's on Sunday at Phyllis Allen's.

Katie is having her baby todayish!! I can't wait to meet baby Olivia!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend at the Lake (Kinda)

This Labor Day weekend, Justin and I were able to go spend some time with my family down in the Arbuckles. We decided to get up on Saturday and go visit the Arbuckle Wilderness. This is my second time there and I loved it! It's kind of a sad little place if you really think about it - those poor animals who beg for food each and every day...but I'm not choosing to think that and instead think those animals are hilarious!!! They have no boundaries or personal space when it comes to sticking their head in your car after food.

This camel stole my full cup straight from my hand. This is him guzzling it out.

After almost wetting our pants laughing at these animals, we went to Davis and checked out a few shops. Then we were finally able to check into our cute little cabin that we rented for the next two nights. Justin was able to go fishing for a bit, everyone was able to relax. It was great! We cooked out and had some really yummy steaks.

Sunday we were thinking about renting a boat and chilling on the lake for a hour or four, but we didn't reserve the boat in time and instead we went to the Chickasaw National Recreational Park. We found a great little swimming spot but that water was so cold I think all of our lips were blue after 2 seconds! Eli really enjoyed it though so after lunch we went and found another stream to dip our feet in.

That night we went out to dinner and then back to the cabin for smores! My sister is a genius and brought Reese's AND Hershey's...the Reese's smores were DIVINE!

Ahh family pic in front of the cabin before galavanting off to find Stratford peaches and a catfish lunch. Aren't we cute.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seeking Advice

I need opinions from moms who have done this before. Because, I'm pretty much a newbie at this baby stuff and have no clue. I'm nervous that I'm going to make a wrong choice and be totally disappointed. So, I'm seeking advice of the pros.

What's the best car seat? (Infant and when they are older?) Can it fit into a smaller car? I've read so many reviews in the last few days that I'm just going crazy. I don't know who to believe.

Who is a good pediatrician? (Who has privileges at Mercy...)

What is your favorite item that you've received/bought that you just can't imagine doing without?

Is there anything else I need to know when buying/registering?