Thursday, April 28, 2011

What are we doing this weekend?

We are having a garage sale, thanks for asking! We have 8 families bringing their goods over to our house and oh man.  I'm already running out of space and I have 4 families left to bring stuff.  Our garage door migh not be able to go down tonight.  We have everything you could want and even a truckload of furniture coming on Friday.  I'll see you at the sale.  Leave a comment if you need details.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pool Side

The other day I decided that it was time for Haylie to have a little pool.  We went to the store and bought one...not thinking about fitting in my tiny beep beep car.  Well, I'm not going to tell you how I did it, but we made that pool fit and we got it home.

She wouldn't get in it at first.  The water was too cold.  But she still played like a champ!

Yes, I think the pool is a keeper!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Before & After: Coffee & Side Tables

Remember when I had a Designer's Challenge?  Well, I worked on them in the midst of the bathroom chaos.  Tell me what you think!

Before coffee table:
 Before side tables - fresh from a garage sale
 After - Coffee Table and one side table
 The other side table. 
I love it!!  I wish I could really glam up the coffee table with some decor, but with my spunky 1 year old, that would last about...5 minutes.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today was such a fun-filled day!  We had one event after another and are completely exhausted.  Church, brunch with immediate family, snacks/egg hunt with extended family, small group cookout. Check, check, check & check.

 A rare smile from Haylie today.

The matching cousins.  Aren't they adorable?! Thanks Mimi for their outfits.
Haylie & Caramel investigating the Easter goodie bucket.  She was excited that it fell over, then quickly lost interest.  Oh well.  Maybe next year she'll get more into it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Preliminary Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we went with the cousins to an Easter egg hunt!  Haylie did really well...with hunting eggs.  She didn't appreciate the bounce house and squirmed wildly to get away from the big bunny.  But she liked finding the eggs!

 This is the best of the cousins.  Hilarious!

Got my bucket - where are the eggs!?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Before & After: Front Door

My friend Mandy came over a few weeks ago and gave me some ideas on decorating.  One was painting the front door.  I didn't think Justin would ever go for that...but he did!  Wow.  So here is the front door before.  I love this picture because we actually do not have a doorknocker on it...

Ta-da!!  Just kidding.  This is halfway through the primer. I just thought it looked cool.
 Here is the final door!  I used the same color as my laundry room since I love it!!!  This makes it look a little green, but it's actually a blue/gray color.  Now I need to get something so cute to go on my door.  Maybe some vinyl numbers or something.
I love fast, weekend projects.  Coffee table/side tables before and afters & bathroom update coming soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We have a long way to go in the manners dept...

Feet on the table.  Slouching.  Cup wrong-side down.  Talking with our mouth full.

I'm going to have to send her to etiquette school by the age of 2.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Outdoor Fun

Last week we had the pleasure of having our good friend L come over for awhile.  Haylie loves L and they are so funny together.  We decided to go play outside and that's when the fun ensued...

 She's actually crying because I took away her milk.  Such a drama queen.
 I don't know if she can carry any more c.r.a.p. with her while she's outside.  She's got everything she could possibly need.
Must. bring. water. with. me.

We are loving these warm spring days!  They are even better with friends.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Diva-like Obsessions

I love seeing Haylie's personality start to really shine through.  She is very smart and really puts together the things she sees you do.  She has recently discovered the gas key to our fireplace.  We don't keep the actual key in it, but she knows that something goes in there.  She will search endlessly for my car keys and immediately go to the fireplace...and sit there for 20 minutes trying to figure it out.
 And even more recently...does anyone need a blue bulb nose-sucker?  We now have one sticking out of our fireplace.
She also loves to sit in the bumbo chair.  She really thinks this is "her" place and gets jealous if anyone else steals it from her.
And the scariest, most diva-like so far...wearing her beads all day long and chatting (with no one) on the phone.  I'm already weary of the teenager years...
I don't know what to do with a "diva."  She might have to go spend some QT time with Aunt Emily to learn how to accessorize.  Because I can pretty much do a ponytail...that's it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Top 5 Things Consuming Our Life Lately...

1. Justin's mom, Barbara, came to visit last weekend.  We didn't do a whole lot, but the adults had fun visiting. The child, although, had one major issue...

2. Haylie decided to start cutting her molars.  She had a high temperature, would cry at the drop of a hat, didn't want to be left alone, wouldn't eat anything...she picked the worst weekend too!  Her grandma comes to see her fun, loving self and she is a total monster.  We hope Grandma will come back. (Pretty please & bring Papa!!)

3. We got invited over to dinner at a friend's house!!  I really can't remember the last time we were invited to someone's house for dinner.  Haylie might have face planted into their TV stand resulting in a bruised face from forehead to chin and a bloody lip, but we still had lots of fun and were so thankful to have spent time with good friends!

4. Gateway.  Since we had pretty much no interest for the first night, we decided to bribe interest people with free pizza and cookies.  The only condition: you had to sign up for the course.  We got 5 people to sign up.  The supervisor stopped by and seemed confused as to why no one was coming.  So, lots of discouragement there. Please pray for this ministry!

5. We finished tiling our bathroom shower!  We worked on it til 11:30 last night.  I think I had dreams of tile and mud and spacers all night long.