Friday, January 29, 2010

Let it Snow...

I can't believe that on Wednesday we were wearing short sleeves and enjoying the sunshine...
Haylie looks like such a big girl - with an even bigger gut!
And today we are inches deep in ice and snow!

We are the tacky people in our neighborhood that still have our Christmas lights up. Yes, we do know it's almost February.

Justin looking manly in his heart pants. But they must be comfy because everyone wants to sit close to him!

Haylie's first time in the snow. Not a big fan...

But we made her take lots of pictures anyway. Look at that lower lip!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Poor Baby

Last week, I started noticing that Haylie was getting some red bumps. I just assumed it was acne, but then it got it's on her neck, upper back, ears, forehead, face...everywhere it seems. So we took some pictures and sent it to Dr. Stephens...who by the way is fantastic and responded so quickly!

Apparently it's a variation of baby acne and cradle cap. We are going to try his suggestions and hope it goes away. I don't like my baby having teenager skin already!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Morning with Eli

Friday morning, I got the pleasure of watching my nephew Eli for the morning. What fun we had! He was mostly into Haylie until she fell asleep, and then we worked on a pizza puzzle about 7 times! We also read books and wrote funny emails to people (mostly just repeating the hiliariousness that Eli said).
Testing out the bumbo chair. He fills it out a little bit more than Haylie does.
Wanting to love Haylie! He helped me pick out her outfit (lots of variations of pink!), he helped me change her diaper and he also wanted to help me feed her, but I told him only I could do that. (Go ask your mom why. Ha!)
Eli went to my mom's house after lunch. Earlier though, he had a clementine and they have stickers on them. He always takes off the stickers and puts them randomly somewhere. After he left, I found his sticker on the front door of my china cabinet. I think I'm going to keep it there just because it makes me smile and think of my hilarious nephew.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Michelin Haylie

Haylie and I went for a walk today and so I thought I would put her in a little warm suit that Chellie gave us. It's a tad bit big and I thought it made Haylie look like the Michelin man! That or the little kid Randy from A Christmas Story where his snowsuit was so big he couldn't put his arms down.

Monday, January 18, 2010

They Meet...

Justin's parents were able to come down this weekend! We didn't do a whole lot, mostly just spent quality time in the living room. We were so glad they were able to come down and meet their granddaughter!
I think Grandma Cornell is in love.

Haylie & Papa sharing a moment...

The "magic hold." This will stop her crying at any point pretty much.

Find the baby in all the polka dots.

In a good mood after a bath!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Stuff

This is how Justin found Caramel last night...just sleeping away with her head in the blanket...?? I promise she is breathing!

We watched the Bachelor last night to see what the drama was all about and I was shocked that Rozalyn entered into an "inappropriate relationship with one of the staffers." First of all, they said that about 5 times too many...but what got me was that she said her personal life wasn't anyone's business. Aren't you on the BACHELOR?? That's as personal as you can get!

Justin's parents are coming down this weekend! I am really excited because this is their first time to see Haylie. I think it will be fun, especially now that she is sleeping pretty well through the night. (I hope I just didn't jinx myself) Plus, it will give Justin and I some relaxation time because I'm sure the grandparents will want to love on her the whole time. :)

I'm excited for the warmer weather so hopefully Haylie and I can get out and take some walks. I'm really ready to exercise again so I can fit into my previous clothes. I swear I wear the same things repeatedly just because I know they fit comfortably. I'm ready to have more choices!

I'm debating whether to get my hair cut. It is super long, super straight and super boring. Thoughts?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Sunday

We survived! Today was our first big outing to church. I was a bit hesitant just because I wasn't sure what kind of an eating schedule Haylie would be on, if she would toot really loud during communion, if she would freak out during class...things you just can't predict. But my little girl was a champ and she slept through the whole thing - worship & class! Whoo hoo!! I even got a tour of the nursery wing from I know where to go if she does act up. Now I'm feeling so much better and can hopefully relax now when it comes to church. :)
On another note, she is actually sleeping right now and it's not even midnight! Not sure why things changed from the past week...I'm just hoping the phase of "lets stay up til 2 am being a fuss bucket" is over. I don't think Justin and I could take another one of those nights.
Here are some random pictures from the last week just because they are cute!

This bumbo chair rocks. It has provided many minutes of hands free baby!

Really good picture of Daddy and Haylie girl! Anyone else see the resemblance?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Now that I'm home with Haylie, I tend to watch a lot of TV. I seriously think the same thing every day about the shows I watch so I just wanted to share them. My life right now is pretty lame, I know.

Ellen: I freaking love her - she is so generous and funny. She really is my favorite talk show host. I cry every day watching her show because she always gives away thousands of dollars to people who really need it!

Price is Right: I think I like Drew Carey more than Bob Barker. He is more real and lets people hug and kiss him and not be stuck up about it. Plus, he is a realist so when they don't win the game, he always brings up that hey, at least they won that classy gold watch that no one would ever really wear.

Rachel Ray: Tends to have an eye contact problem. When interviewing her guests, she tends to not look directly at them. I don't think Julie Andrews is going to bite you.

Deal or No Deal: Why are the contestants that open the cases SO excited to be called upon? Do they realize that they are not going to win the money just by being on the show and opening a case?

I won't get into the Tyra Show...that would have to be a separate post altogether. So now that I've wasted the last 5 minutes of your day...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sassy Pants

Justin is convinced that all babies smell constantly like sour milk. Well, it might be true since that's all they eat and not so neat about it! This was a "conversation" held last night.

Justin: Haylie, I don't like the way you smell right now.

Haylie: Turns her head towards Justin's face and burps right in it.

Ahh, so sassy already. I love it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Finding Treasures

This afternoon, Justin and I finally went through our Christmas pile and decided to put everything away. In my pile, I found some cute earrings that my sister had given me (short term memory of the presents I got!) and decided to put them on. Well, tonight we went over to my parents house for some quality time with my grandparents and Aunt Cheryl. We were having a great time taking pictures of Haylie and watching Eli play Wii.

Later in the evening, it was about time for Haylie to eat, so she and I went to make sure she got some nourishment.

As we were getting ready to go, my mom noticed that one of my earrings was missing. So, everyone was looking around in all the places I had sat/walked/looked at. Even my grampa was on his hands and knees looking for my little lost earring. I was really sad because I really liked them and didn't want to lose them the first time I wore them!

So we get home and I'm getting ready to feed Haylie. Well, working the nursing bra, I got it unclipped and out fell my earring. How in the world I didn't feel that little treasure in there, I'll never know. I guess the next time I lose something, the first place I'm looking is my bra.