Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Called Loud City for a Reason

I love the Thunder.  I love how this team came from Seattle to OKC and how our city {state} has completely and unconditionally fallen in love with this basketball team.  I love how my kids can grow up loving a team and will get to go to games.  Although this season I haven't been the best fan...having a 2 year old and a baby doesn't allow many game attendances.  But, thankfully, my hubby works for one of the bigger companies who gives out free tickets to their employees.

He got tickets to last nights game.  AHHHH!!!!!

OKC vs. Lakers.  We are up in the series 3-1.  We just need this one win and we are golden.

And we got it.  THUNDER UP!!!
Thank you for the awesome seats, Chesapeake!!
Every game I have gone to, I have wanted to sit behind the basket and clap the french fries.  Last night was the very first night I got them!!!  And I clapped them so hard, they almost popped.  I might have brought home 3 extra sets...
That blob is Kobe.  My zoom sucks. Great player...not the best attitude.
I. Look. Huge.  But regardless of that, we were there!!

KD.  A little half time practice.
A sea of blue.
Thunder Win!!  Don't you love the fist pump I caught?

I really don't remember the score - I know we were into the 100's and the Lakers were not.  We had a win and we all knew it.  The arena was going crazy.  This morning I didn't have a voice and my ears were still ringing. My clapper that they gave us was completely worn out, bent in half (it was cardboard).

What a game.

I must mention that I'm just sick about what happened afterwards.  I thought Thunder fans were better than that.  A blogger for the Oklahoman sums it up well.  OKC is classier than that.  Come on.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Crazy Ride

We have had quite a ride with the duplexes that we purchased in January. I think we were very optimistic in that they would all four units would have a quick turn around and we would get renters really fast. Well, we just didn't anticipate how long all the seen (and unseen) issues would take.  Justin has worked on them mostly by himself because in the mean time of purchasing these properties, we also had a baby.  So...that's where I've been.

We are having a second showing tonight for the fourth unit and hopefully a signed lease.  This last one took the longest, but we had a few people that just didn't work out.  Some things we've encountered so far:

  • An application with an odd looking social security number...yep, not legal.
  • Lawn mower was borrowed indefinitely...
  • A nasty voicemail from some random lady saying, "Shame on you for keeping your property so dirty and unkept.  Shame on you for asking $500 for that small place in the bad neighborhood.  Shame on you."  Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with our property except the house needs a good paint job (what house doesn't) and the neighborhood is just fine.  I've come to terms with this lady and think she was just having a bad day and needed to vent to my voicemail. 
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs!  One of our renters has been bitten by spiders 3 times!!
  • One of our duplexes and I were even interviewed by our favorite reporter, Chellie.
It's definitely been a learning experience, but a good one at that.  It has been very stressful at times with Justin working on the duplexes and I'm home with 2 kids, with some repairs we weren't counting on, with people not showing up to see the house when they said they would.  But that's okay.  Some day we'll look back at this time and laugh about how crazy we were to take on such a large idea with two little ones in tow.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Road Trip

This past weekend we got to take our first road trip with two kids to Missouri!  Justin was going to go to the lake by himself to spend some time with his dad and brother, but turns out we all got to go spend time in Columbia.  I'm not going to lie - the trip to and from wasn't much fun, but the in between time was.

Unfortunately I forgot our camera.  And to take many pictures.  Boo.

-Justin and Dan catching some guys stealing from Dan's pole barn thus the other guys being arrested
-Spending time outside enjoying the beautiful weather
-Watching Jagger play baseball
-Watching Jagger play soccer
-Playing on a really cool playground
-Spending a low key night at Grant & Brei's new house
-Celebrating Mother's Day with Barb and Brei

I didn't pack well for my kids so we had to borrow a jacket
Jace's first baseball game
Desperate for a break from the car.  Just a random truck stop north of Blackwell, OK. What is wrong with my legs?  Yikes.
I don't know why but I love this picture.
Peek-a-boo behind a diaper
All in all, the kids did great for such a long trip.  I may or may not have pumped while driving.  We may or may not have given Jace a bottle every single time he started crying. We couldn't handle more time added to the car, so we didn't stop in Wichita like we normally do to spend time with the Bonds...next time guys!!

 I'm road-tripped out. But spending time with family was worth it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Jace,

When we picked out your car seat, we thought we did good job of getting something cute, yet neutral. Well, apparently we were wrong.  Today while getting an oil change, the guy called you "Sweetie" about 4 times and made references to "her/she" on more than one occasion.  He even saw your manly camo blanket and your very handsome face.  I didn't have the heart to correct him though, and I'm sorry for that.  The only reason I can think of as to why he had this misconception is your car seat.  It doesn't have pink on it though, I promise.

This has happened more than once, I'm afraid.  I should have gone more neutral.  A boring gray.  We will carry on though.  And don't worry, I won't bring up your pink bathtub.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It might be a long time before I cut fingernails again.

I just survived the most intense 20 minutes of my life.  It started when Jace just wasn't happy...and finally pooped his pants. We cleaned that up and since he needed a bath, it was a perfect time.  Get him to the tub and clean clothes on.  Check!  I decided then it was time to cut his fingernails.  Well, he is a squirmy baby and doesn't care for me to hold his hand tight to clip...so trying to get his thumb nail, I cut a chunk of his finger.  I knew as soon as I pressed down that it was no good.  He just screamed his little face off.  I'm desperately trying to get a tissue or something to stop the bleeding with his little arm flailing.  At the same time, Haylie decides she is uphappy too and starts crying...loudly.  This in turn doesn't help my patience or Jace's understanding of why he is feeling so much pain.  I get him to the kitchen and grab some band-aids along the way.  He is getting blood all over his sleeper and I'm trying not to freak out.  I finally clean him off and somehow get a band-aid on him. He is just crying and crying and so is Haylie.  I tell her to go in the other room to cry, which makes her cry harder and Jace is trying to find something to comfort him, a paci, a bottle, anything!

Thankfully, after my suggestion, Haylie goes to find her blankie which calms her down.  I am calming myself down since I'm not even sure what just happened, I just know my stomach is in knots and I want to scream.

And since he finally got his paci, the baby is blissfully asleep - with his new accessory. 

Then and Now

Same exersaucer, same ornery kid.  Just a wee bit bigger.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quarter of a Year

I have been meaning to sit down for the last 4 days to document my baby's 3 month-ness, but time just hasn't been on my side! 
2 months  1 month
It doesn't seem like he changes, until I look at previous months!  He sure got chunky fast! 

Jace is wearing 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers.
I can not resist a boy in plaid shorts!
Haylie reading him "The Hungry Caterpillar." Or is it the Very Hungry? I can't remember.
Haylie about to change his diaper.
Haylie loves to change Jace's diaper.  We are still working on technique, but she can strap that thing on like the best of us!  She only needs a little help from us.

Jace is sleeping very well - definitely through the night, which I LOVE.  We try to do something everyday with Haylie and he just goes with the flow.  When he gets hungry or sleepy, he'll let you know, but his tantrums are a thousand times easier to handle than Haylie's ever were.  He will even just give up and look around if he doesn't get his way after awhile.

Jace is starting to get the coordination thing with his hands and we try out new toys often.  It doesn't last long though.  He'd rather chew on his fist.  He's also becoming more vocal and a smile is almost guaranteed if you softly blow in his face.

Life with two is getting so much better.  There are even a few days a week when they take naps at the same time and this Momma gets a nice break (and probably a short nap).  Haylie is a great big sister and loves being around Jace.  She shows him off often.

But the best part, is soon she can take care of all his diaper changes.  Hooray!