Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yep, It's True.

I've been outed at work. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I wore a maternity shirt (that I SWORE did not look like one) and was asked loudly around co-workers if I was "with child", or what. Then since that episode, I was "encouraged" to tell my big boss that I was preggo and that was one of the most embarrassing things I've done in awhile. Nothing like going in to tell your boss about you being "knocked up." Luckily, all these incidents went fairly smoothly. It's not that I didn't want people to find out that I was, ahem, "with child", it's just that I didn't want to TELL people (at work) and they could just figure it out on their own. LOL - I mean, it's going to be obvious.

So now I feel like the pressure is on. They want to start looking for my replacement like, TOMORROW, if I'm going to not return to work. On the other hand, do I want to come back?! I've been told that part time would definitely be an option, if I wanted to consider that. What I'm wondering is, am I going to go crazy being at home all day every day with no/little adult interaction...or am I going to love being at home all day every day with my baby and have the flexibility to do what I want (well, or so I think?) All my life I dreamed of doing what my mom did - stay at home with us while we were little and eventually return to the workforce when we were older. I'm debating with myself every day...and I think I really can only put off my decision for a month - max. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Well, I'm just going to avoid it all. Back to Twilight, Book 3. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chicago for the Weekend

This past weekend for Memorial Day, we headed up to Chicago for Justin's cousin Victoria's wedding. Let me tell you - this was a fantastic wedding. She had been planning it for over a year and it showed! It pays to be running late & family because we, the tacky cousins from Oklahoma, got a front row seat at the ceremony. Aww yea.
The ceremony started a wee bit late (what's 30 minutes in a small pew with no cushion and an aching back) with Dan (Justin's dad) taking pictures of my ankles and other random objects. He was keeping me entertained. The ceremony was beautiful and I was holding up pretty well until Justin pointed out that Arnold was crying as soon as he saw the first bridesmaid. He really lost it when he saw Victoria - who was stunning in her simple, yet elegant dress.

Beautiful ceremony - the minister started out with "Mawwage" like in the Princess Bride and he gave them a really beautiful picture as his gift (he tied it into his message but I can't remember what it was now. Oops) It was all going well...until the best man passed out. Not sure what happened, but poor guy was too hot or something and he couldn't stand up anymore. He got to sit the rest of the ceremony.
On the way back to the hotel, we saw the stretch hummer the bridesmaids came in and [Dan] was bold enough to ask the driver to take our picture inside.

At the hotel, hor d'oeuvres were served by fancy white gloved servers at 6 and then a sit down dinner was served at 7. By sit down, I mean a 4 course meal. THEN came the Sweet Table, which Victoria's mom and dad made several cheesecakes. Delicious.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Spent time with Justin's family, Brei brought me a ton of maternity clothes (which I sadly sent back to Missouri until I see them in June due to stupid flight fees - but I appreciate it so much!!), and I read THE entire first novel of Twilight. Yes, I am addicted now. Monday was a great way to end the weekend - cook out with my parents and then a cookout at the Lovetts. I am now ready for another weekend though - so thankful for the short work week!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Day in the Life...

Since my blog can't get any more interesting than it already is, I thought I would wow you with my stimulating schedule of the day. Don't be jealous of my super exciting life.

What time do you wake up? Alarm goes off at 6 - but I don't really hear it until 6:30. I then snooze until 6:50 or so, get up and out of the house by 7:20 at the latest. I'm at work by 7:45.
What is part of your morning routine? I don't really wake up until about 10 am (yes, please avoid me on all major highways and streets in the mornings) but lately I have been getting to work and eat breakfast/check email for about 20 minutes.
When do you start looking at the clock wishing to be on your way home? About 9 am.
What’s one happy thing about your day? Coming home and playing with Caramel or spending quality time with the hubby.
What’s one annoying thing about your day? Hearing the same jokes every day at work & the drive home. If you KNOW you are going to have to merge in about a mile, why do you think you are above everyone else who has politely merged and waiting in the long line and can zoom ahead and cut everyone off? Do you think you are SPECIAL??
How many times a day do you check your email/blogs? About 20. I need to KNOW the moment someone has emailed me :) (Hint, please email me. I love it.)
What is on the agenda for the evening? WHEEL OF FORTUNE!! After that, every night is different and hopefully exciting and entertaining. (Sadly, not lately.)
If you could change one thing about your daily life, what would it be? Since I'm working, I wish I had a more flexible schedule where I could fit in some other stuff during the day other than being at the office.

Don't you feel more fulfilled now? I'll have to do this after the baby comes to see if my answers are the same...ha!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Self Explanitory

My co-worker sent me an email today with a whole bunch of these "failures." It's amazing what people will say/do/write. I found these here.

And my absolute favorite. Some people just. don't. get. it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I just have to say...

  • TODAY IS A GORGEOUS DAY!! The second day in a row with no rain. Can you believe it?!? I "had" to make a trip to the City of Edmond offices today and I was so tempted to just stay out and go shopping or hit up Home Depot and buy flowers! I doubt anyone at work would have noticed my absence...
  • This weekend Justin went maternity clothes shopping with me. What a trooper he is!! We randomly found this store - the Daisy Exchange - and I bought half of their maternity section! They were all cheap too which always makes things better. We also hit up two Goodwills and EARC, but only a few more finds were found. I feel good about the start of my new wardrobe. I know I won't need too much for a few more weeks, but atleast I'll have something when I do need it.
  • Dancing with the Stars finale is starting tonight! I am excited because all the shows that I got addicted too while being a slug on the couch are finally coming to an end, thus I can hopefully end my reality TV addiction for the summer. With gorgeous days to come, who wants to be inside watching the boob tube?

Well my lovely husband has made me dinner (again) so I'm going to go enjoy it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's a little bug juice?

Tonight Justin came home and thought it was a great night to mow the grass. First of all because 1) it finally wasn't raining and 2) our grass looked like a miniature jungle growing in the middle of Northwood. So off he went. He was trying to hurry after dinner to be able to finish before daylight gave out on him, so, he was rip-roaring across our lawn. When he came in, I saw something on his face, but was out of reach to get it so I asked him - "What is on your face? Grass?" He said, "Probably." Well, being that I actually said something to him, I thought he would go look in the mirror or at least take a half hearted swipe at his face to get it off. He doesn't. So, he comes back in the room at least a half an hour later and that thing was still on his face!! So, I tell him "it's still there!" and upon closer inspection come to find a DEAD BUG smashed on his face!!! I am not exactly sure what happened there, but I got so tickled that he had been walking around, cleaning out the refrigerator, etc, with a dead bug on his face and not knowing.

I have no words. Just giggles.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is it there?

I haven't asked Justin to take any belly pictures yet because quite frankly, I can't tell if one is there! I've always had a "problem area" with my tummy, but now it just looks a little exaggerated. My clothes are still fitting just fine so I don't know if this is a baby bump or just a regular "eating too many french fries" bump. (Yikes, sorry about my hair!)

10.5 weeks

On another note, Caramel has been so love-y lately. I just absolutely love it. Every night when I finally sit down on the couch (or have been parked there for quite a few hours) she comes and lays on my lap! I'm in heaven. This is her sitting on my lap - I know you can't really tell. :)

This is just a random picture of her...she always lays in the most uncomfortable looking positions.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Hormones are Raging

Everyone always says that when you are pregnant, you are going to be having some CRAZY hormones flowing through your body. Well, I (think) I'm still acting normal. After all, I still get along with my friends, I haven't really blown up at Justin (just short snaps, but eh - those are normal) and I don't feel like I've obtained "psycho" chick that Jenny McCarthy talks about...UNTIL I get to work. For some reason, I have a really hard time being at work right now - being nice to co-workers, having a positive attitude when people ask me to do my job, not blowing up at people who are trying to lighten my work load, not hanging up on people when they are rude. Even people's breathing is starting to get annoying. Today was probably the worst day yet - and I'm hoping that when they all find out in a few weeks that I DO have a reason, they will forgive me.

Today, though, I got a nice surprise and that seemed to help my mood tremendously! Justin sent me flowers at work for my first "Mother's Day." I thought that was really sweet and thoughtful, especially since he is at the lake this weekend. What a great hubby!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friday Afternoons

At my job a few months ago, they sent out an email that said we were now closing at noon on Fridays. I was so excited that I just couldn't stand it. I love having Friday afternoons off...just to be by myself or to get things done...or lately just to take a long nap. Last Friday a few friends and I went to Cuppie's & Joe and I loved being out with friends! All that to say, if anyone ever gets bored on Friday afternoons, wants to have lunch, or just whatever - call me! Now that I'm getting some energy back, I might actually be some fun.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Personal Bubbles

I am big on having a personal bubble...

1) If you are my close friend, you are okay and do not have to worry about personal bubble space

2) If you are a regular friend, a little distance is okay, but you are probably okay in not invading my space

3) If you are a random co-worker, stranger or person I do not like very much, please do not stand so close to me

It seems that lately I have been noticing that some people tend to be "close talkers" or "personal bubble invaders." I have a problem with this.

While I am at work, I've had more than one occasion where I have felt really uncomfortable with the distance that is not between me and person(s) X. Do you really have to come and stand right next to my chair and ask me if I have time to help with your task today? No. You can safely ask me this while passing in the hallway. Do you not get the hint when I roll my chair back, stand up, or lean away from you? Why not?!

When I was growing up, I had a HUGE personal bubble area. I did not care for people to come close to me and I often told them they were invading my space. I even slapped a doctor when I was younger because I thought he was getting too close. I guess I realized I needed manners because I can not seem to do that anymore!

Odds are, if you are reading this blog, I am not talking about you. :) But are there any good tricks I can pull to let people know to back up? Maybe I invade your personal space and do not know. If so, you should tell me. :)