Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween - the second half

Thanks to no one for warning us about Haunt the Zoo (kidding, we probably would have gone anyway), we were unprepared for the mass of people that would be joining us on Friday night.  Thankfully, Haylie still looked cute in her second round costume, the Hula Girl.  (Courtesy of my parents trip to Hawaii!)

The line to get in was beyond ridiculous and even more so was the herding of the crowd from booth to booth.  Literally being swept along the sidewalk.

Nightly ritual, saying hello to the moon and stars.

Friends that braved it with us - The Condicts and Cliburns

Moving on, tonight we had our Trunk or Treat at our church.  Keeping it simple, we did the hula girl again.  We'll bring back Tinkerbell for actual Halloween night.

Haylie and one of her BFs, Ava.  These two are hilarious together!

Haylie and Weston, the runner

Haylie and Julianne...I love J's expression!

The three besties (they don't know that their mothers are forcing this friendship whether they like it or not.  Thankfully, they do.)  Everyone has their mouth open...and Haylie's top is half-way falling off.  That's alright.  At least she has a shirt on!

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween - the first half

So far we have gone to a Knock Knock Night at my parent's/sister's church and had a fall festival at Sonshine School!  We have a few more activities planned since this is the first year that she kind of gets trick or treating.
Her Tinkerbell costume - half of it.  Notice her choice of shoes.  One of each!
Cousin Eli and Haylie during dinner at Knock Knock night.  She wormed her way up on his chair - totally crowding him.  Right after this, she reached in his chili bowl and ate his chips.  I got the hint and gave her her own food.

Sweet Evie was Minnie Mouse and Eli was Mickey!  They were adorable!!  My sister made their costumes.

"Hey, can we get the three kids together to take a picture?!"

Not on your life.

While collecting candy, H just wanted to sit down and look at it.  She caused a huge pile-up in the hallway!

The best we were going to get of all three.

Enjoying a cookie after school today.  She was the only child who didn't wear her costume - mother of the year, right here.  We were still festive though!

Next up, Haunt the Zoo, Trunk or Treat at our church & actual Halloween night.  I'm so excited for it all and she basically doesn't care.  Awesome.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I think I'm nesting...

Or maybe I want to organize just like Maria Clark.  Either way, I got a bee in my bonnet and I've been trying to get things under control in this house.  Haylie's toys have been out of control and she doesn't even play with half of them.  So, I went to the $1 store today and got a few buckets to organize her different toys.
Half office/half play room

I still want to do something other than an a plain orange sheet for our stealth ironing board storage.  Ideas??

I also got sick of our junky garage so I put up a few shelves laying around and organized by Haylie's upcoming clothes, garage sale stuff, house stuff to get rid of, house stuff to keep, etc.

And because I am lately in love with ambient lighting, I put a lamp out on my table and LOVE IT.  My "runner" is also a piece of curtain I cut off and need to hem the edges...but until I do that, it's going to stay frayed. That's how I roll.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I know I have mentioned a few times about Haylie's obsessions...but things are getting crazy around here.  She wants to put on ALL jackets.  If she does and it falls off (because they are huge on her) or you try to take it off, you would think her world had just ended.  I have to hide jackets if she gets too upset.  She loves her own-sized jackets, especially with hoodies.  Zip up!  Zip down!

This little one is also obsessed with STARS.  We watch Baby Galileo a lot, which is about discovering the sky.  We go outside most nights and tell the stars and moon "good-night."  We had an impromptu craft night before bedtime one night and made stars and a moon to hang above her bed.  She loved the ghetto-ness until she realized she couldn't touch them.  They had to come down the next morning because she couldn't handle it.  She just had to have them!  She now carries them around the house.  Which our cat loves because the string is still attached.  It's a win-win for both child and feline!
I'm wondering what other obsessions are in store.  I can totally handle's the boy obsession I won't be able to.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Patch

I can't wait for Saturdays when we don't have house projects that dominate most of Justin's day.  He spent a good portion of the day working on the bathroom - which is ALMOST done!!  Anyway, we had decided ahead of time to take some time out to take H to a pumpkin patch.  So we went to the old Sellers which is now called Wings.  It's a day center for mentally handicapped adults.  We saw a puppet show about how kids are different because they might be deaf, blind or in a special chair.  We even learned some sign language!  We also went on a hayride in which I need to learn to sit back from Justin so my face doesn't look huge.

We took turns with the giant pumpkin which you can totally tell that cookies have been 85% of my diet lately.  Yikes!

 Haylie got to lounge on the pumpkins.
 And take an awkward picture with one.
All in all, it was a fun time.  We got to pick out some pumpkins and not have to drive to Piedmont or some other patch.  It was perfect for her attention span!

And who can resist a night of playing in Mommy's car?  Not this little one!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Well, I didn't meet Oprah.

But we "met" lots of interesting people.  Justin and I went on an wedding anniversary/babymoon without our baby girl to...

It was so much fun!!  We stayed with Justin's cousin Victoria and husband Arnold.  It was really fun staying with them and gave us a different view of Chicago other than the tourist-y area. 

Justin and I rode public transportation all by ourselves.  We did really good and techincally didn't get lost at all.  We might have gotten a little impatient and rode a bus along the south side of Chicago...we were both sweating for our safety just a little bit...but we totally made it back up to where we needed to be! 

We did the Architecture Foundation boat tour - totally recommend, went to the Navy Pier to browse, went to the Museum of Science and Industry, we walked along the Magnificent Mile, we tried to eat the raved about deep dish pizza but never got a chance because of ridiculous lines, and rode a lot of public transportation getting to and from each destination.  We thought for a second of trying to go find Harpo Studios, but didn't want to spend even more time on the L when the weather was so gorgeous.

After two days of being touristy and walking all over Chicago, we spent the day with Arnold and Victoria in their part of Chicago, Andersonville.  This is a cute store front where I loved everything in this store!  I did not love the prices though...and even made a really fast trip out to IKEA where I bought as much as I could fit into my suitcase!

We did get to go out to dinner each night with Arnold and Victoria.  We went to Hamburger Mary's and I had a hambuger with mac n cheese on top!  I might have gotten sick after I ate this but it was still good.  We went to all you can eat sushi where we had to cut Justin off otherwise he would have kept going after 7 rolls, we went to a lovely Italian restaurant and a Mexican restaurant.  We basically covered all major food groups including lots of sweets in between (including a whole cake from Dinkel's).

 We had lots of fun and saw so many interesting people.  Chicago is awesome...but it is definitely not Oklahoma.  I almost had a heart attack stepping into the O'Hare International Airport...think Walmart on a Saturday times 100.  SO MANY PEOPLE.
We did miss our baby girl sooooo much but knew she was in good hands between all her grandparents.  It was nice to not change diapers and deal with a few fits along the way, but the minute I saw those big blue eyes I knew I didn't want to leave her again for a LONG time!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

That's Right.

So I hope everyone knows how much I love my Haylie...even though last night at a girls night (Mothers & Marriage's) I called her a monster in front of everyone.  Yes, that's how I felt yesterday, and the day before, and possibly the one before that.  Today, I am renewed.

We are obviously going through a power struggle between the almost 2 year old and Mommy.  It's evident in the way she acts, tests me, pushes through boundaries and is basically the sassiest of the sassy.

Last night at M&M's, I was reminded of this key Bible verse.  "Children, obey your parents because you belong to the Lord, for this is the right thing to do."  Ephesians 6:1 (NLT)

Yes, my sweet girl, it's the right thing to do.  It was such a perfect M&M Moment to have.  Hearing of others struggles with children obeying and being defiant...and it's only going to get worse if I don't act now.  I have to shape her up today...or else in 14-16 years I am really going to be kicking myself.

I can do this thing called discipline. I can be consistent, persistent and give out a spanking or three (get over it DHS, I'm not beating my child).  She needs to learn that Mommy (and Daddy) is (are) the boss and boundaries are set.

Thanks for the encouragement last night, ladies of M&M's.  It was SUCH a blessing and so inspirational to me at this point of my life!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

This post might be just for the grandparents.

Haylie hasn't just been in timeout.  She has plenty of time to play and be a kid.  Lately, she has been really in to putting on clothes.  We watch Elmo everyday and they have kids show how to put on shoes, jackets, she's been putting on everything she can.  Socks, shoes, pants and jackets.  And I always hear her act like she's teaching someone else how to do it.  "You put your arm in..." 

Haylie wearing Justin's socks.
She's still REALLY into Elmo.  Her birthday is coming up in 2 months (WHAT!) and I'm thinking an Elmo party will make her the happiest 2 year old around.  Either that or stars.  I know, random.  She sings "Winkle, winkle, wittle star" every free second she can and will find the tinest star on anything around.

It's still warm enough in October to play in the sprinklers!  Gotta love Oklahoma weather.

I don't even know where all this dirt came from (I mean, from besides outside), but she was playing hard. 

And because we love Elmo so much, we have him gaze out in the backyard as a past time.

And just so I can document this monumental day, we got over 2" of rain.  What a blessing for this drought crazed land!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She's Not Even 2.

This is now a familiar sight in our home.

Time out.  Today I hit my limit with letting H push my buttons and making me look like a loser mom who's kid gets away with anything and everything while out in public.  I tell you what - discipline and being consistent takes so much energy!  I am completely drained and I only decided to buckle down at like 2pm.  It sounds like I didn't do any disciplining before.  I did.  I promise.  But I think I let her get away with some stuff that I hoped would stop by just a stern "no" or threat of time out.

Terrible two's have arrived in full force and we haven't even hit that milestone 2nd birthday.  She throws stuff, she screams NO!!, she runs away, she throws fits in aisles at the store, she basically thinks she can do what she wants.

And I think this is bad?  I'm wondering what I'm actually going to do with 2 kids!!  Anyone want to call Supernanny for me in advance??

Or maybe we just won't go out in public.  Ever again.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Last night we kind of invited ourselves over to a friend's house for a few minutes.  We are very classy like that.  Anyway, we walked in to the smell of popcorn!  They told us that this is their Sunday night tradition for dinner and they even bought a 40 lb. bag of the kernels to do the self-pop.  We both thought this was pretty cool and realized we haven't started any real traditions yet. 

Growing up, I'd like to think that a semi-tradition was to have tomato soup and grilled cheese on Sunday nights where we got to eat in the living room and watch America's Funniest Home videos.  I have very fond memories of doing this!!

I guess what I'm wondering is, do you and your family have any traditions that you have started (or kept up??)  We promise not, might not, probably will copy them if you have any fun ones!

Let the traditions roll!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

We've Decided!

On a nursery theme, that is.  You actually thought we had agreed on a name already?  Silly, so very silly.

A little back information.  Justin is obsessed with Swamp People on some discovery type channel. Since we do not have cable, he watched it on Netflix...and there are only so many episodes.  Hence his sadness when we only could watch about 10 of them.  Darn.

If you aren't familiar with swamp people, just imagine no teeth, no hygiene, you need subtitles to understand what in the world they are saying...all mixed with guns and gators.  It. Is. Awesome. Bleh.

So my idea for the nursery was owls.  They have so much out there and is soooooo cute.  Justin wanted Swamp People or Pawn Stars as a theme.  He's not kidding either, folks.  So as a compromise, I found this as my new inspiration!

Owls AND Alligators!!!  It's a match made in Etsy heaven. 

Sadly, since this is our second child he will not be getting his own room.  He gets to share with our guest room furniture and decor.  So, I'm thinking this room won't take as much $$ as for our little Haylie.

I could be wrong though.  I mean, these alligators and owls could be pretty cute.