Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Little This, A Little That

Why, hello.  It's been awhile and while I do have some good excuses, I will acknowledge that even if no one out there still reads this, then I guess it's my own fault. Which is okay, because I want it for me and my own memories.

But I do have some good excuses...one is being that I am running a blog.  Yes, I understand the irony in that I can't keep up with my own, but a lot has been on my plate with that.  Instead of the boring details, I just want to leave you with a picture of some of my absolute favorite people that I get to write alongside with.

Katie, Kristi, Jenna, me, Anna & Carrie
I hope you follow along each day as these women bring you ideas, tips, parenting struggles and the like each day.  I love hearing any and all feedback, so hit me with it! :)

I've also inspired my husband to do a few updates around the house.  We found this light on clearance at Lowe's!!  I fell in love with it and I think J is finally coming around.  It brightens up the whole porch and I could not be happier.  Also happening, new granite countertops!!  I'll {try} to post a picture when those come in.  I can not wait.  Next up, backyard overhaul!

I've also been able to watch this beauty just get more gorgeous each and every day.  Sassy doesn't even begin to describe her at some moments of the day, but most of the time she is a sweet, sweet girl.

J and I are also wrapping up teaching the one of the 4 year old classes at church.  Lemmetellya, that is a complicated task!  We have really enjoyed the time we have spent with these kids and getting to know the kids who my daughter will hopefully spend her youth group years with.

Mother's Day also came!  I loved my note from H.

I love that she thinks I'm 54, that I love to go to Wal-Mart (gag) and that my favorite thing to do is clean-up.  But I mostly love that she knows how much I love HER!

Me and my sweet kids at the park on Mother's Day!  Jace is being a ham like usual.

Jace is absolutely adorable.  He is starting to piece sentences together and his personality is really shining through!  He loves to laugh and be silly/ornery.  He really likes to tell you NO!  Which, of course, doesn't get him very far.  He loves H so much and for the most part they get along really well.  Hoping that lasts forever...right???

Sonshine School has ended for the year...forever for H. *tear* I may have teared up during the final pickup...man, I have a pre-K-er now.

Yeah!!  Summer time has begun!!

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