Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Quick Trip to Missouri

Taking advantage of the long weekend, we loaded up again and went to see Justin's parents in Missouri.  It was a really fun weekend!  We rolled in to town around 11pm and while my eyes were rolling back in my head, Justin was a trooper and drove the whole way.

We relaxed the next morning and really just had some down time at the house.  We attempted a trip into town for shoe shopping, but came home with none.  Haylie wasn't too happy with that.  She really needed these silver Cinderella high-heeled princess looking shoes.  And Jace probably would have come with the same pair, had I let either one.  He loves trying on shoes!

Later that night, reading with Papa and Daddy
 On Sunday, we went to church and I pulled a cool trick - I locked the keys in the van.  Pretty much the only time I do this is with my in-laws, so they are probably wondering why I haven't had a hidden key made!  I just like to keep them on their toes.  Thankfully we had the rest of church service to go so we could patiently wait on Tiger Tow to get there.

After, we found an airshow!  I was commenting the day before about how there was one here in OKC and was bummed that we missed it.  I knew J would like it so much.  So, little did I know, there was one in Missouri!  It was bright, we didn't bring our sunglasses, and it was kind of hot.  But we enjoyed the kid ride, the parachutes and the jet show at the end.

And someone might not have been able to contain his excitement to stay awake the entire time.  He actually slept the entire bus ride back to the car and then the car ride back to the house!  Hooray for a great nap!

Memorial Day was relaxing as we had just a few hours before we needed to pack up and drive home.  We spent the late morning over at the cousins house where J caught his first fish!  Justin threw out the line but Jace reeled it in!! 

I wish I could say we had a relaxing trip home, but after the first 3.5 hours, Jace had.enough.  Screaming, whining, talking, oh boy!  It was a long end to the day, but needless to say, we survived.  All in all, a great family weekend.

Now, I'm ready to stay home for a little bit! :)


Wa Wa Waughs said...

He is looking so big with that fish! But it sounds like he still has a little growing up to do (car ride)!

Kari Brevetti said...

Just being a little stalker and found your blog! I'm glad to see how you and your sweet family are doing!