Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Everything looks better in the morning...right?

Wrong.  When I woke up this morning, my daughter's hair still looked like a mullet.  Let's back up.  I wish I could start this post out by saying what a wonderful 7th anniversary my husband and I had.  With a night out to celebrate, loving on our children and reminiscing about our last 7 years.  Well, the reminiscing part happened but nothing else.

I had a webinar to attend so I holed up in my room around 7:45 to get ready for that.  Jace was already in bed and Haylie was on her way.  Jace napped much earlier in the day and Haylie didn't at all so I was thinking it would be an easy bedtime.


Jace was in his bed at 7:30 and we thought he was down.  At 8pm, he was up screaming.  Didn't want to be consoled, or sleep, or anything.  Just screaming.

Then Justin goes in to check on Haylie and he finds her in front of her new Thomas chair with bits of hair in front of her.  He then notices the front of her hair is gone.  She starts crying and says she doesn't want to see Mommy.  With a little investigating and asking what happened, she told him she cut her hair and put it behind her other chair in the corner.

He found this.  Yikes.

So he walks in while I'm happily watching my webinar with no idea of what is happening outside my door.  Then Haylie comes in.

I pee my pants.

Ok not really but I'm laughing/crying/in shock because my daughter somehow, for some reason, cut her hair in a mullet.

I beg Justin to take her to my sister to try to get her fixed up a little bit. Thankfully, Emily was able to salvage a little bit and we can evaluate the real situation.

Meanwhile, 2 hours later, Jace is still screaming and being restless so I find myself in the car, driving thru Edmond at 11 at night.  Happy anniversary.

But this morning things are much happier and we can make the hairstyle work.  I'm still debating on cutting off her length into a cute bob but Justin isn't on board.  And I realized today we have school pictures as well as family pictures in the next week.  This will definitely be a year to remember.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My New Job

If you have been on Facebook lately, you will probably see me sharing something called Oklahoma City Mom's Blog.  My friend Maria and I have teamed up as Co-Founders for this new gig.  We are a part of a larger network (citymomsblog.com) who are helping us get started and founded in our city.  While this is a TON of fun, it's also a LOT of work!  I'm trying to keep us all in clean underwear, let alone keep up with this blog.  Every spare moment I have has been dedicated to working on our new adventure.

So, keep checking back with me!  I'm still here, trying to chronicle our daily (chaotic) lives.  If you want to know more about Oklahoma City Mom's Blog, I'd love to fill you in!

Until then, like us and share us on Facebook!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Running Through Rainbows

Last weekend, was pretty busy - with making my daughter's dream come true and all.  But since we like to jam pack our weekends full of fun, I also had signed up to do The Color Run earlier that morning.  Justin was already planning to be gone antelope hunting, so my parents came down to help watch the kids.

We formed our team awhile back and most of us belong to the same Qgroup at church.  It was a pretty cold morning for Oklahoma and we tried to keep ourselves moving with warm ups, jumping around and layering up.

Half the team...

The whole team.

I haven't done a whole lot of 5k's, but this one was by far the most fun.  I even caught some swag right before the run!  Once we finally got started, I saw my cheering section not too long after!

I wish I could say I ran the whole thing, but I walked most of the hills.  My friend Sara and I stayed together and we got thru all the clouds of dust (or did I eat some dirt?) together!

After we were done, we went to the party section to do the final color toss.  It was a lot of fun - just don't expect to breathe!

And here we are - all colorized.

We were happy to be done (get it?), but honestly, it was so much fun!  Definitely signing up again next year!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Day Finally Arrived

Ever since I found out that Thomas the Train was coming to OKC, I should have kept my mouth shut. I accidentally told Haylie in April that he was coming to town...in October. My, that's a long time to wait for a little girl!  But the day finally came and no one around was happier than her.

Jace certainly wasn't happier - but he was alright with being there.

He found some blocks to play with.

And old trains to climb on.

It was a cute set up - you went around to 4 different stations to get your stamp and then you ended up at the gift shop to get your "prize." (AKA stickers)  So we hopped up on the train for movie time, went around to Imagination Station to play with Thomas train tracks and waited in line anxiously to see Sir Topham Hatt.  Haylie was beyond thrilled to meet him and didn't even think twice about why he was in a poofy outfit or why he didn't talk.  When we left him, you would have thought she just met the biggest movie star ever with the way she reacted.

So we waited in line to get our turn on Thomas.  We didn't actually ride on him, but he pulled our "coach."

Poor Umpy got stuck with Jace duty for awhile.  Just keepin' it real, folks. (Aren't they adorable in their hats?!?)

The train was a slow movin' one, but Haylie soaked up every minute.  Jace - who never napped that day - finally fell asleep the final 10 minutes.

It was a really fun time and we will probably go back! My daughter's dreams came true on that day - when she could finally say she met Thomas.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Branson isn't just for old people.

This past weekend, we got to enjoy a kid-free trip with some good friends!  The destination was Big Cedar in Branson, Missouri.  Boy, is that a good place to stay!  Beautiful all over.  While the average age was around 65, we youngin's still had a good time.

Justin and I got there before the others since we had to meet up with Grandma to do a kid-swap.  So we enjoyed a nice BBQ place that is deliciously not healthy for you!  I got the beef nachos and Justin got the fried cat-fish.  We left stuffed, but happy.

We went out to enjoy the sites.  We stopped by the Dixie Stampede and enjoyed the horses without the show.  We spent the rest of the day browsing through Branson and enjoyed not being on a schedule.

After we checked in to the place we would stay for the next couple of days, we found this view while enjoying the pool:

One night we went out to Branson Landing to enjoy a tribute to Journey.  The concert was in front of a water and fire show. It was neat to sit outside, listen to music and enjoy the wonderful evening.

We also met Barry Williams in the Country Mart!!  He wasn't very friendly - otherwise we would have gotten a photo and an autograph.  Who wasn't in love with Greg Brady growing up?

 We really had a great, relaxing time with lots of laughs!  I hope this can become a regular thing we do because we all had so much fun.  We missed our kids like crazy, but we knew they were in good hands.