Monday, September 30, 2013

Oklahoma State Fair

I'm a few weeks behind on posting this, but we had a great time at the State Fair!  We decided ahead of time to have Justin take the whole day off so we could enjoy it during the day and not fight the crowds.

We started off with Disney on Ice!  The kids enjoyed it and I of course loved singing along and reminiscing my childhood favorites!  

After Disney, we found some "healthy" fair food (nothing was fried) and went to find some fun rides for Haylie.  

She went on her first rollercoaster.  Thankfully Justin went with her and after she decided she liked it...although she was crying the whole time during.

This was the tricky part with Jace because he couldn't do any of the rides but wasn't about to be stuck in the stroller.  He was a trooper though!  He loved playing with the VIP gates!

We found lots of rides for H to do.  She was scared of most of them and twice they stopped the ride because she was freaking out!  She doesn't want to go fast or up high.  I think we have a scaredy cat on our hands.

She got some face paint...and won a "Hello Kitty".

And Jace tried to hang in there even though by this time he was extremely tired.  We found some balls to play with and he was happier for the moment.

At this point we had been at the Fair for quite some time.  We were having a good time but knew we were pushing our we told H it was time to go and this happened:

They weren't tired AT ALL...

We were thankful to go during the day and get to enjoy less people than in past years.  We also decided to skip the show and just do rides and maybe find the animals for next year.  Too much to do in so little time!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

It's fall already!  Time is flying by and I haven't stopped to document whats going on.  This is the speed round to hopefully catch up.

Jace is getting bigger (And onerier) every day.  He looks adorable in this hat (although it only lasted for 2.5 seconds).  We went to the dermatologist a second time for the red spot on his cheek and they told us nothing could be done and just give it time to heal.  I'm glad Justin popped it because ever since then it has been looking a ton better and looks to be fading.  He is enjoying school and climbing on everything!

Caramel had a rough go for a few weeks.  Justin found her under our bed growling and wouldn't come out.  He coaxed her out and she was puddy in his arms. We thought she was dying...he took her to the 24 hour vet and was told she had a 104' fever and an abscess on her stomach.  So they got her all cleaned up, gave him some antibiotics to give her for a week and within a few days she was back to her furry self.

You know a cat doesn't feel good when they are just laying on the vet floor. 

Haylie has been so busy too!  We had a birthday party with our good friend Liv (who she has known since birth) and has discovered a new love for Hello Kitty & The Berenstain Bears.  We have lots of playdates, school, etc. to keep her busy.  She is now reading very well and gets upset when you "don't take turns" with her books. 

I have been quite busy myself!  Between helping a friend with a major garage sale, running errands to help keep moving the family along, obtaining a new renter and working on a new project, I found the time to go to see Wicked with 8 of my good friends.  We enjoyed Zio's beforehand and loved the show.  Awesome girls night for sure!

Justin has also been exhaustingly busy.  He is putting in long hours at work, trying to prepare for an Antelope Hunting trip, leading Financial Peace, being a daddy and competing in the Tough Mudder in Kansas City - which he rocked.

Thankfully in between all the busyness and "things to do", we get to enjoy beautiful Oklahoma sunsets while taking an evening stroll at the trail.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Haylie's Edition : Room Makeover

Haylie's room has definitely had some high and low decorating points in the last couple of years.  I spent a bit of time trying to get it moved from nursery to "big girl room" but still had quite a bit of randomness in there.  I'm finding that is just how I do things until I actually have time to sit down and make a Pinterest board. 

Since Jace's room makeover was pretty recent, Haylie wanted her room to be moved around.  I wasn't sure how that would even work since I was convinced it could only be done one way.  Well, my friend Maria to the rescue with helping me think outside the norm.  So here is her room in a different light...I only did a few projects on her space but have a few more in mind.

Walking in the door

New reading space

Canvas city in her room...LOL
Things I want to do still:

  • Paint her bookshelf
  • Paint her little step-stool
  • New knobs on her dresser
  • Felt board for imaginative play
  • Make the canvases above her bed into a train somehow...
  • Clean up and declutter her dresser space

Friday, September 6, 2013

School Time!

Happy first day of Sonshine School!!

Haylie was really ready and Jace didn't know why I was making him stand on the wall with a bag next to him.  He is the same age as when Haylie started SSS for the first time.  How crazy does that feel?

I got this good pic of Jace and that was it...thankful my camera has a fast shutter.  He did not want to put on his bag or really stand still.  He wanted to go play in the street - such a boy.

Haylie decided she would help carry everything.

I did get this of J's feet because I adore these shoes.  Aunt Brei sent them for his birthday and I never thought his feet would grow into them.  He loves them and so do I. 

Getting settled for the ride to school.  Can you tell we are ALL excited?!

I didn't get any cute pictures once we were inside because let's face it - drop off on the first day is so crazy!  I scooted Jace into his class, he did great walking in...turned around and saw I left and started crying.  But he quickly pulled it together and his teachers said he had a GREAT day!

Haylie barely gave me a second look as she went running into her class. This year she is in the Pre-K class and they do fun things ALL day and never stop to nap! *I know, I think my kid is one of the last few that actually do at this age*  I am so excited for her and she had an awesome first day!

I truly am thankful for SSS and the opportunity we have to send our kids.  I love it even more though that my kids are happy and loved!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Laborious Weekend

This is the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year.  I love September.  The weather, the anticipation of fun holidays around the corner and Labor Day.  Who can resist a long weekend?!

We had no plans this weekend, which was by far the best plan ever.  We stayed home and enjoyed being a family. It was awesome.  We worked on different projects - some that have needed to be done for ever and just never stopped to do.  Like organize Haylie's closet of shoes.  This girl has so many!  I had been throwing them all in a tub but was to the point where that was overtaking her closet space.  Old shelf to the rescue!

We also cleaned out the garage.  Since the garage sale, boxes, junk, tools, etc. have been piling up and making it worse and worse to actually get in one vehicle, let alone two!  Jace apparently ate some dirt while helping us clean.

We did a family workout!  Since the weather was gorgeous on Sunday and we didn't have our small group, we utilized our time to be outdoors!  Haylie rode her bike, I ran/walked and Justin pushed Jace in the stroller while easily keeping up with my slow pace.  We did about 2 miles on the Eagle Trail.  When we were done, Haylie said "Mommy, why is your face so red??"  Ha.  It happens my dear!

Monday we took our friend Robin up on her sweet offer to use her pool and had a good time!  Haylie got in more swimming practice and Jace enjoyed cooling off.

I love this girl's sense of fashion.  Not just one headband, but all of them - Rambo style.  Did any one notice her snow boots too?  (The temp was in high 90's.)  She is hilarious!  H helped cut up watermelon for our cookout Monday!

It was a relaxing, yet busy weekend.  I felt we used our time well and got to enjoy lots of friends company in the meantime.  Love family weekends!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cars, Planes & Trains

Lately I have had one mission in mind and that has been working on Jace's room.  Before, his room was filled full of furniture and no decor flow.  It was a room I didn't want to spend much time in and neither did anyone else.  Now, it is one of my favorite rooms!  Below are the changes!

When you walk into the room and turn to the left, this is your view.  A busy board, new art for the wall and yellow crates for a book shelf.  I switched his tan/cream curtains to red, making them pop and I love it!!!  (I must admit, this was an arm-twist from my friend Maria since I thought it would not look good and needed to be navy...what do I know?)

Turning a little bit, you see the bed with my favorite license plate map and three clocks with times set to Sydney, OKC & Vienna.  Add a new comforter with a fun airplane pillow and it's a lot better than using any of my old bedding that doesn't match.

Kept the crib and his letters since I love them...and changed up the shelf decor.

I bought these neckties at the Target dollar spot and Jace doesn't care for them - so his bear gets to wear them.  I mean, someone needs to!

So back to this art.  This was a labor of love that Justin and I painted for him.  I found an idea on Pinterest and wanted to make it my own.  Bought three canvases from HL, Maria cut out the stencils on her silhouette, and Justin and I painted around the stencils with lots of touch ups involved.  One night we stayed up til 11:30 finishing these.  Ugh.  But they are exactly what I wanted and I love them.  Jace does too actually...he points up at them and laughs!

It's really amazing what a few changes do to a room.  It livened it up so much and is fun for him now to be in there. I'm thankful to my friend Maria for helping me find all these ideas and for Justin being patient with my one track mind on redoing Jace's room.  What to do now that this is done?  Work on Haylie's room, of course!