Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Round-Up

Tid-bits of fun I don't want to dedicate a whole blog post about.  You are thrilled, I'm sure. 

1. Jace is now helping himself to his own breakfast - yogurt covered raisins paired with an ankle cross.  He sure is cute. 

2. We got our firepit 85% done!  We ended up getting some "no dig" landscaping thingys (yes, that is the technical term), put it in a octagon circle, filled it with 24,000 bags of pea gravel and put our furniture out there.  We might need to finish the actual fire pit area, but I'll take what I can get. One day we WILL relax out there by a fire and roast "smarshmallows."

3. The best cake around. Justin had a birthday!  We had our small group over, ordered a massive amount of Chinese food, picked up this delightfulness and devoured it all.  Yes, it may be girly but trust me, every guy who made a comment about the look of the cake was literally eating their words when they tried it.

4. Frozen is still very much alive in our house - there are some days where you just need to be a reindeer.

5. Oklahoma weather doesn't cease to amaze me!  It's hot, it's cold, there are tons of earthquakes and tornadoes.  These two pictures were taken in June in Oklahoma.  Yep, both wearing fleece because they were "soooo cold."

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

So what kind of cake was it???