Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ho, ho, ho - Part 1

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Have you missed me?  We have been busy celebrating the Christmas season and also remembering we have a baby coming in a month.  Who has time for that? Ha.  We started off the celebrations with my family on the 20th - which sadly I have NO pictures from.  Just imagine a lot of fun, great food, and awesome gifts.

The next night we celebrated with baked spaghetti (we get super fancy over here) and opened our gifts to each other.  Apparently I can't take pictures of anything but H because that's pretty much all I took of our Christmas.  So back story...every time we went to the Wal-mart toy section, H would see these little banks in the $1 bin.  She was obsessed.  What better gift in her stocking than those?  She played with them for at least 20 minutes before we made her move on to something else. Like her necklaces or other presents we actually spent more than $1 on.  The Dave Ramsey in me got her three - spend, save, give.

She got a new bear since her mother has failed to keep track of her other two favorites...

And a new table and chairs to color on!  Hopefully that will mean my coffee table will be Crayola-free.

The next night we went to Neosho to spend some time with Justin's grandparents.  It was nice to see them and spend some low-key time just hanging out.
Fun was had by all.  Especially Haylie since she was the center of attention...which she can not stand (riiiiight).   Part 2 in Columbia is coming - I bet you can't wait!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Aftermath...

...of wrapping with a 2 year old.
Only 2 rolls of wrapping paper were harmed during this event...
 and only one package got a tape bow.

All bags and other wrapping paper were put safely back in the bin.  Next time, I'm going to wait til someone is napping.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Week Before Christmas

It's the week before Christmas.  I feel like I should be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off...but I'm not.  This weekend was relaxing and this next week looks to be fairly simple as we prepare for my family's Christmas celebration, traveling to be with the hubby's family, Haylie's school holiday party and one last appointment to see my OB in 2011.  Nothing to it.

And even though it's December - we live in Oklahoma with the most random weather.  It should be snowing and blistering cold, but it's not.  It's nice enough to spend an hour outside with Daddy raking leaves!

 Hopefully you can relax this week.  Who cares about perfectly wrapped gifts and overstuffed stockings.  Enjoy the last days of 2011 as we wrap up this year...and take some time to rake those leaves!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Just ignore my face.  And the fact that I can't center a picture.  But you can see the light on the belly and that's pretty much why I took a pic.  I am 33 weeks on Thursday and this is my second belly picture to take this entire pregnancy.  I do love you, baby boy.  Your sister just keeps me so busy that I don't even think about taking pictures of myself.  Sorry.

His room is semi coming together.  Our theme is technically alligators and owls, but as with everything I decorate, it's probably going to be a hodge podge of boy stuff.  And a big thanks to my sister for keeping her baby boy clothes for 5+ years just in case another boy came along.  We have clothes now for him!!!

And he also has a place to sleep...right next to the biggest stuffed alligator we stuffed in our carry-on suitcases from the Chicago IKEA.

I'm also 99% sure we have his first name picked out as well, but the middle name is still up in the air.  And knowing the hubby - who keeps spouting suggestions, we won't officially pick his full name until filling out the birth certificate - thus giving me the biggest heart attack ever since we won't have planned it out for months.

Pregnancy is still going smoothly and I'm feeling good...well kind of.  I'm pretty moody (yes, I will openly admit that) and sleep is getting harder to come by and I'm positive I started waddling yesterday.

We only have 7 more weeks - which are going to fly by.  I just can't believe how close we are getting!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We finally had a night free to bust out all our Christmas decorations.  Justin and I were so excited because we thought Haylie would be really into helping us.  She wasn't.  She could care less and just wanted to color...and practice holding Caramel.  Regardless, we got everything put up and Caramel survived relatively unscathed.

We just need to put up more outside lights and this ginormous wreath we got last year for 80% off at Hobby Lobby.  It's about as tall as I am and it's going to look ridiculous...but I can't wait!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A New Routine

Haylie goes to bed at 8 pm.  She then thinks its fun to play for at least another hour.
I don't mind as long as she is in her bed...but every night we hear some thumps on the wall and we know someone is not where she is supposed to be...

 As soon as we open the door, she just bursts into tears.  She knows she is caught - red-handed!

And this is what she's been up to.  Every single book from above shelf (it's normally full) is on her bed.  She has been busy transporting!

Not even room for her to lay down.  Last night we caught her with all her necklaces on as well!  She is sneaky, sneaky.

I think it's hilarious...for the time being anyway.  We might have to strip her room bare just so she'll go to sleep!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elmo Overload (The Party)

"Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayons too..."
Those simple words were pretty much my inspiration (that and copying all  ideas off Pinterest)

The favors - plain red bags with construction paper added for Elmo's features
The goods - coloring book, crayons & goldfish crackers
The cupcakes.  Red icing, marshmallow eyes, mini chocolate chips for eyeballs, orange Reese's for nose & half an Oreo for the mouth.
Simple decor.  Ever notice Elmo's world wall art??

Coloring station for the kids

Elmo fruit plate - apples, blueberries, oranges & cream cheese dip

Score - Wal-mart had Elmo juice boxes!!
I think they like to color!!
Haylie can't ever just smile...
A little nervous about blowing out the candle.   As in, flat out didn't want to.
The best we got of them all.  FRIENDS!!!!!!!
It's always better to have everyone help you open your gifts!
And after we sugared them up, we broke all the rules of discipline by letting them all jump on the bed.  Ahhh, who's a party right???

Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 Already?!

This little toot turns 2 today!!!!  I can not believe how time has really just flown by and how big my little girl is getting.

Oh, that's better. 

Haylie is SO FUN (when she isn't acting like a typical 2 year old.)

She is talking in semi-sentences - you can at least understand for the most part what she is saying although I still have NO idea what "Mimi (meme?) Stars" means.

She is doing SO well at Sonshine School.  There are no tears and a happy report at the end of each school day!

She remembers the most random stuff.  She can see a sweatshirt and remember it came from Dusty.  Or a glass and she remembers that Amy was using it.  Or that Amber was here the night before and is wondering where she went.  

She loves her friends - and I can now start to "bribe" her with "no playdates with _____", if she doesn't behave.  Works every time.

Loves shoes, hats, necklaces...any accessory really.

Loves the cat Caramel, loves Elmo, loves stars, loves the moon, loves blankets, loves books.

Lately at bed time or nap time, we will go in to check on her and there will be about 20 books in her bed with her.  We take them out but always seems to find between her beds.

Loves to color.  All day.  With colored pencils.  Then crayons, then back to pencils.  She will bring you one and want you to draw a star or Elmo's face and won't leave you alone until you do.  She is persistent!

She is sweet, funny, caring, silly, crazy, sassy, stubborn, frustrating, but most of all, she is lovable!! 

I don't know what I would do without her.

Happy 2 Years, Haylie Brooke!!